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EGX-350 Desktop Engraver

$5,995 MSRP

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Power up the EGX-350 (9″ X 12″) with Dr. Engrave 2D output software and
MODELA Player 3D output software.

Uses a wide variety of materials

The work area of the EGX-350 is 9″(d) x 12″(w). Price $5,995. Since the machine also supports three dimensional engraving capability in the Z-axis, it can be used for relief applications. Applicable materials include light metals such as brass and aluminum as well as plastics and acrylics.

The new EGX-350 desktop engraver is an open architecture design.

Improved specification provides greater productivity, superior performance and reliability, high level of connectivity, and more. It is specifically designed to meet the demands of professional engraver and provides a cost effective solution for 3D engraving.

Compatible with industry standards

Included with the EGX-350 are two sizes of tool holders that accommodate standard tool diameters widely used in the industry. For even greater versatility, an optional center vise or commonly available jigs can be used for holding work pieces in place.

Clean and Safe

The EGX-350 armed with the wider vacuum hose easily collects the dust and debris during operation. Roland even added shielding to the exposed drive rails to protect them from any remaining airborne dust.

Dr. Engrave

  • Power up with the most remarkable engraving software you’ll ever own.
  • In addition to standard fills, Dr. Engrave supports “island-fills”.
  • Dr. Engrave easily converts TrueType to “single stroke” fonts.
  • Automatic layout Function
  • Dr. Engrave features an automatic layout function that allows you to import your database for faster engraving output. Just create your database in CSV file format. Now Dr. Engrave imports
  • your data and optimally lays out your job to fit the material.
  • Uses a variety of fonts and clip art
  • Dr. Engrave includes specialized vector engraving fonts and also supports Windows TrueType fonts. Create your own design by altering standard shapes or importing a variety of file types such as Windows bitmap data or Vector Art from Roland file formats.

Bundled Software


Bundled Roland EngraveStudio™ software facilitates the production of a wide variety of jobs, from simple nameplates to elegant wood signs and luxury stationary. With single stroke fonts and a special V-Carving mode, EngraveStudio generates quality results with a real hand-carved look. The software imports designs in AI and EPS file formats, and lets users preview them, saving precious materials and time. It also allows users to create design templates for heat pressing rhinestones onto custom apparel.

Roland R-Wear Studio

Never outsource your rhinestone jobs again! EGX-350/360/400/600 engravers come with Roland R-Wear Studio software for producing beautiful rhinestone templates from your designs. The software supports a large library of 500 hot-fix rhinestones that match the different colors, sizes and types available on the market. It also displays a job’s cost, allowing you to quickly calculate profits and manage rhinestone inventories.

EGX-350 with Dr. Engrave $5,995 MSRP


EngraveLab – Available as add-on software, EngraveLab is a comprehensive design and production program for professional engravers. EngraveLab includes a comprehensive package of powerful tools, including over 65 import filters, a badges feature that allows automatic text substitution and serialization, over 1,100 fonts with WYSIWYG text composition, a 5,000-piece clipart library, a variety of automatic fill routines, raster-to vector image tracing, automatic Braille translation, machine-readable barcodes, automatic contour cutting and much more.

EngraveLab Software $999.00

Multi Mat $150.00

Multi Mat – the new, revolutionary, engraving table hold down mat, designed to make your engraving jobs easier and faster! It’s a double sided mat which can be applied to virtually any engraving table top to provide a stable, self sticking surface for practically any flat engraving material. No more problems with difficult to hold engraving stock – perfect for Brass, Aluminum, Flexible Engraving Stock, Acrylic, Phenolic, and most other types of engraving material. Multi Mat is a durable rubber like material with a rigid core that has special holding properties – engraving stock will not move from side to side, but after engraving, it can be easily lifted. This amazing product can be used over and over again and cleans with the most common cleaner in the world; water! No special chemicals or cleaners required.

Multi Mat will save you money regardless of what hold down method you now use!

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