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PM-5CA Manual Engraver

$3,295 MSRP

Call 1-800-828-3564 or E-Mail Patrick

Complete – Ready To Engrave

  • The PM-5CA is a large size engraver used for engraving objects up to 12-1/2″ high by any length.
  • This machine will accept high and bulky objects. Vise depth is 5″ centers.
  • This universal work-holding vise allows the clamping and engraving of large trophy cups & mugs up to 9″ in diameter.
  • The machine is fitted with a scissors jack which enables the operator to move the vise up and down, backward & forward, as well as tilting it.
  • Standard accessories: same as PM-3 on previous page with these substitutions: Vise, 12-1/2″ opening, self centering, 6″ depth, 5″ elevation system, scissors jack to raise vise, universal cup cone & back plate support.
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 150 lbs.

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