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NEW! Desktop Rotary Engraver DE-3 Rotary Engraver With Special Package
NEW Roland DGSHAPE DE-3 Desktop Rotary Engraver. NEW NETWORK CONNECTION! SPECIAL VERSION OF DR. ENGRAVE PLUS! Uses a wide variety of materials The work area of the DE-3 is 9"(d) x 12"(w). Since the machine also supports three dimensional engraving capability in the Z-axis, it can be used for relief applications. Applicable materials include light metals such as brass and aluminum as well as plastics and acrylics.
· DE-3 Rotary Engraver With Special Package
· Vacuum Chip Removal System
· Multi_Mat 9x12
EGX-30A_s.jpg EGX-30A With Special Package
Connects by USB Cable & is 30% Faster Engraves 8" x 12" plate Good Entry Level Engraver
· EGX-30A With Special Package
· EngraveLab Software 9.0
· Multi_Mat 8x12
· Vacuum Chip Removal System
mpx95-gift MPX-95
MPX-95 Photo Impact Printer Loadable Material Size 3.94" x 7.87" x 1.57" Printable Area 3.15" x 3.15" The MPX-95 is the ultimate personalization tool. The photo impact printer uses a carbon-tipped stylus to permanently imprint photorealistic pictures into everything from jewelry and awards to key chains and ZippoŽ lighters. The desktop device removes no material and operates quietly, making it ideal for jewelry stores, mall kiosks and photography studios.